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8 Wedding Photo Display Ideas

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Several different Artifact Uprising frames, photo holders, and prints all featuring wedding photos of different couples

Creative wedding photo display ideas add a meaningful and personal touch to a day that's all about joy. We're here to lend a hand with a list of wedding-worthy ways to celebrate your stories as a couple at your reception and beyond. Keep reading for our most-loved ideas, each a simple and beautiful way to weave your photos into your wedding decor. (Because those engagement photos deserve to go on display!)


Showcase prints as table decor.

For a simple and refined touch you can add to each table, display a photo print on an understated photo holder as an element of your centerpiece. Whether it's adventures on the road, proposal snaps, or goofy candids — your family and friends will appreciate and enjoy the glimpse into the life you’ve built together. To pull it off, spread one Everyday Print Set between any number of Walnut Print Blocks, which feature a modern, simple design that complements a variety of wedding decor aesthetics.

Pro tip: In a pinch, a set of gold or brass binder clips can play the role of your photo holders and offer similarly minimalist results.


Use prints as escort cards.

What could feel more personal and thoughtful than your guests looking down at their place settings to find photos of themselves with the bride and/or groom? Even if your wedding is so big you don't have a photo with every one of your guests, it's still a fun wedding picture display you can pull off for the wedding party, close friends, and family.

Pro tip: Like this wedding reception photo display idea, but want to have traditional escort cards too? You can still bring this concept to life by making Everyday Prints a separate piece of your guests' place settings instead.


Go big for your welcome table.

Nothing brings instant impact quite like a large, framed engagement photo on the welcome table. Plus, what started as a wedding reception photo display idea will double as a bespoke addition to the walls of your space. Not sure how to enlarge a photo for printing without losing quality? Our guide can show you how to go big, while ensuring your photos go to print at the highest resolution possible.


Make your guest
book a photo display.

A guest book is a classic wedding photo display made an instant heirloom by the well-wishes of loved ones. Dress up your signing table with a floral arrangement and our Pressed Glass Frame featuring photos that didn’t make it in the guestbook. Outside of the traditional Wedding Guest Book (which you know we're big fans of!), there are plenty of creative Wedding Guest Book Alternatives that put your photos on display with intention. A couple of our favorites are below, but there's more inspiration where they came from!

Repurpose a screen or fencing.

Use screen divider or fencing, binder clips, gold spray paint, and Everyday Prints to create an interactive wedding picture display that doubles as your guest book. Leave the prints out on a table with pens for guests to write their words of "woohoo!" on the back and binder clips for them to put their photos up. As the images fill your display in throughout the reception, it will become more and more eye-catching.

Pro tip: Don't forget to put up a handful of photos (but not too many!) before the reception to draw your guests in.

Opt for a framed canvas.

We mentioned that a large framed photo is an easy way to create an impactful photo display at a wedding reception. A framed canvas print, like our Wedding Guest Book Frame, goes even farther by doubling as your guest book! Just make sure to choose a photo with a lighter background so that guests have more space. This way, their messages are still visible when they write over the edge of the white border onto the photo.


Honor those who
would have been there.

There's no denying the bittersweetness of remembering the ones we've lost who would have loved nothing more than to be in attendance on this day. One way to honor them and make their presence felt is by placing a tabletop frame in their seat at the ceremony. As you look out at the front row, you'll find solace in their smile on a day when it means that much more.

If you choose to honor them with a memorial table at your reception, the Metal Tabletop Frame is an elegant way to display their photos at your reception. Plus, its versatile size and style is one you can reuse in your home, too.


Collect stories
with your display.

The stories you share with your guests are why you've made them a part of your big day. Celebrate those stories by asking friends and family to reflect on their favorite moments and write them down. Whether they're stories of the first time they met you and your partner as a couple or adventures from before you ever met your other half, you'll enjoy reliving the stories together in the afterglow of your wedding.

A Brass & Wood Display Box lets you feature a photo in the front, while storing up to 50 Everyday Prints in the back. So in addition to being part of your wedding photo display, it also collect notes from guests. Just leave a stack of Everyday Prints, so they can write on the back and slip them into your display box.

Pro tip: This same idea works great for a "date ideas" or "wedding advice" box too!


Create welcome books for
each table.

There's so much to say to your guests on the big day, but it's easier said than done when you're running from one five-minute conversation to the next (and if you're lucky, finding time for a bite of food in between!). Creating little books for each table can be a unique way to make sure that your guests feel welcome and appreciated — even though you can't give them all the time you wish you could.

Fill it with a note of appreciation, fun facts about you and your partner, photos together, and even little ice breakers for those who don't know one another at the table. (Think: Ask David about summiting the Grand Teton.) You could even include pages in the back for notes, effectively creating an individual guest book for each table.


Give your photo booth
a photo backdrop.

What makes for a better photo backdrop than, well… photos? If you're planning on hosting a photo booth at your wedding, a grid of Square Prints is one of our favorite wedding photo display ideas for inspiring guests to say cheese. We'd recommend around 100 prints to fill enough whitespace, so that it feels like a background and isn't a distraction in the photos.

Your wedding photo display
is waiting.

Don't forget to share your creativity with us! Just tag us on Instagram using @artifactuprising and #TellOn. Or, submit your photo for a chance to be featured in an upcoming article.

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